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Ryan. I'm 18, living in Tottenham, Ontario, Canada.

^check out my dumb music

Going to Georgian for Business Marketing

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Post-semester exhaustion #college
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click if u dare
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Why does it say this on the inside of a pair of my pants srs whats the point #h&m
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Tigers jaw - misc. 7” vinyl
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Id like to think that my first attempt at trimming the sides of my hair was successful #me #hair #guy

mail day :—)


Wow I can’t believe I just hit 4000 followers! Hundreds are injured. My fists are sore and the police are coming.

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One time I ordered a coffee, and neglected to mention that I wanted it iced, because I don’t really like hot beverages. You know what I said to the barista? Nothing. It was my own fault I ordered wrong, simple as that 


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