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Ryan. I'm 19, living in Tottenham, between Barrie and Toronto. https://soundcloud.com/ryan_jay^check out my dumb musicGoing to Georgian for Business Marketing


Basement //  flickr.
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Uugggaaaaahhhhh. So tired. Ready for school again. #me #guy

Ryan used “I wish I could stop liking you so much so I don’t have these feels”

But it had no effect…


Neck Deep (neckdeepofficial)
July 27, 2014
Vans Warped Tour - Orlando, FL
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by Srdjan Tokic
Anonymous: I am madly in love with you and don't know what to do about it.

Listen to the smiths about it or something idk

i miss my first semester of college. my classes were great and it was better than the second by a long shot

practically dead from last night euuggggghhhh

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i bought a macbook and i’m not even a famous dj yet

thanks steve jobs

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I was thinking it was my morning off when I woke up so I guess you could say I wasn’t too thrilled when I realized its tomorrow

Brand New - Montreal 
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